Night Loch

Night Loch Loch na h-oidhcheLochcarron20miles/32kmInverness

Car parking 1 beside the Red Stable (now green)h Bag galaigBridge 2 across river

This is a good track, climbing gently into thehills around the beautifully situated Loch na hOidhche, with magnificent views of the surrounding landscape.
The 'loch of the night' was given its name by anglers who prefer to fish for brown trout in the loch during the summer nights when it seldom gets really dark.
Three new interesting routes are now available. You can pick up a Bad na Sgalag Native Pinewood leaflet at the start of the walk. This has all the information on these new routes.
1 Inverianvie River
2 Loch Kersary
3 Old Tollie Road
4 Fairy Lochs
5 Night Loch
6 Hidden Corrie Loch na h-Oidhche from the Red Stable Gairloch Loch Gairloch Loch Maree Red Stable A 832distance 8 miles/13 kilometres (to the boat house and back).
Height gained 1,000ft/300m. . time allow 5 hours (to the boat house and back).under foot
A generally good track with very few boggy parts. parking At the 'Red Stable, on the A832, 5miles/8km south of Gairloch.
Grid 856721
Poca Buidhe
Poca Buidhe480BoathouseRocky knoll
Car Park 400 2001st
high point

Rocky knoll with good all-round view (Meall Lochan na Geala)

Car parking is available at the 'Red Stable' 1 (now painted curves along the hillside to the left, before returning again green). The path starts on the other side of the single track towards Beinn an Edin.
From this point onwards the mass of road. Cross the stream on the bridge 2 and after only a few boulders strewn over the hillside is evidence of glacier minutes use the swing gate 3 to pass through the deer fence activity (debris dropping out when the glacier retreats back into the newly planted area. This has recently been planted up the hillside as the climate warmed). Look out for the with native species, such as Scots pine, birch, rowan & numerous 'erratics' - rocks perched on hillsides as they were alder. The next 15min is the steapest section, but soon deposited from the glacier, and some evidence of moraines. eases off to a more gradual gradient. The hill on your left is A rocky knoll 6, next to the path, provides a good all-round Meall Lochan Chléirich (meel lochan klerik) the hill of small view down to Loch Maree and Loch Garabhaig (och loch of the cleric, which has many rock climbing routes on its garavak) the loch of the rough place. Cross the burn 7 on various rock outcrops. A little further on, Slioch (slee'och) the stepping stones and follow the track on more level terraine to spear appears on your left along with Beinn Lair (bane laar) the boat house 8 at the edge of Loch na h-oidhche. The the mountain of the mare. At the first high point 4, the view path continues along the side of the loch for another 1.5 opens out to reveal Beinn an Eoin (bane en yon) themiles/2.4 km to the bothy 9 at Poca Buidhe (poka boo'ee) at mountain of the bird ahead and Baosbheinn (bosh'ven) the the far end of the loch. mountain of the hunt to the right. The path now drops down Return by the same route to the car park. and follows the river Abhainn a Garbh Coire (aven e garav kory) the river of the rough corrie, which flows out of Loch na h-oidhche (loch ne hoy'ch) the loch of the night.

As the path comes close to the river, another swing gate 5 allows accessSandstone erratics from the planted area out to the open hillside. The path
The view east from the rocky knoll (Meall Lochan na Geala)
An Teallach
Beinn Airigh Charr Beinn
Lair Loch Maree
Loch Garab haig
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